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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

till my heartaches end

i recall when u said that 
you would never leave me,
you told me more
much more like when time
you whispered
in my ear there was
heaven in my heart,

i remember when u said
that youd be here forever,

then you left
without ever saying
that you're leaving

i was hurt,
and it won't really easy to forget,
and pray that you would stay,
then you go and so far away....

i was afraid this time will come,
i wasn't prepared to face
this kind
of hurtin' from within
i have learned to live
my life beside you

maybe i'll just dream
of you toningt,
and if into my dream
you come,
and touch me once again,

i;ll just keep on dreaming
till my heartaches end....
thanks to you...

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